Spinach & Artichoke Flat Bread @ Boca

photo (2)Boca is really a nice place to have a meeting and some tasty food.

I have been coming here every now and then for a few months and have always been impressed with the quality of the food and friendliness of the staff. There atmosphere makes you feel like you are in a cafe in Boston or New York. I think it is an interesting marketing tactic to cater your transient audience (which lets be real, pretty much 90% of our area).  Not really sure if this was the plan, but it is genius one way or the other.

The seating is a bit snug, but you are still able to have a personal conversation.

The food truly is exceptional. There are always seasonal dishes available, and if you go with the staff recommendation you can’t go wrong. All produce is fresh and from local farmers, and the flavors they create are pleasantly unique.

My flat bread and tomato soup were in perfect proportion and more than enough for a lunch. Being Italian, I am a bit of a “dipper” so the goat cheese gave it that dryer consistency which went great with dipping it in the soup. The pomegranate syrup was very subtle and provided a slightly sweet after taste.

Overall, great experience and delicious food. I highly recommend it!

Nor-Cal-  grilled chicken, artichoke, capriole, goat cheese, spinach, pomegranate syrup- 12

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